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Breathe Life Into Your Organization...

Breathing is the simplest, easiest, and most cost effective tool to implement when situations of stress, burnout, and conflict arise in the workplace. We work with dynamic organizations across the globe who are committed to enhancing the wellbeing and performance of their people through leading-edge scientifically-proven practices that can be applied in any environment at any time.

Our techniques empower teams to:

  • Manage stress, reactivity, and irritability
  • Access enhanced focus and creativity on demand
  • Boost physical and mental performance
  • Tame anxiety and stabilize moods   
  • Improve sleep quality and quantity
  • Ease fatigue, brain fog, and afternoon slumps - without stimulants or substances
  • Reduce overall sick days and improve mental and physical health by managing burnout and imbalances in the body


Are your teams resilient enough to support rapid growth and constant change without feeling overwhelmed? By nurturing the physical and emotional wellbeing of your team and leaders, you will cultivate a focused, harmonious, effective work environment for everyone.  We teach people how to shift energy using the breath, reframe diverse perspectives to find alignment, and create connectedness amidst chaos, lifting enthusiasm, productivity, performance, job satisfaction, workplace wellness, and mental wellbeing across the board. We offer private coaching and group coaching that can be held virtually or in person, along with custom workshops and team licenses to The Breathing Studio .

We'd love to chat with you about

  • The Breathing Studio for Teams, Transforming Employee Mental Health Solutions
  • Live Group Breathing + Focus Sessions for Team Alignment and Productivity Acceleration 
  • Executive Coaching & Implementation Programs for Energized Leadership 
  • Transformation Workshops customized to meet your needs 
Learn more about The Breathing Studio for Teams
Learn more about Wellness Challenge for your Office

Some of our other most Popular Workshops Include:

  • Employee Mental Health Solutions: Mind, Body & Breath 
  • Executive Retreats: Inspirational Leadership, Building Resilience, Fostering Workplace Wellbeing
  • Corporate Culture Workshops: Team Alignment, Strength Building and Gap Assessments, Improved Communication and more
  • Breath Training for Sales Teams: A Framework for Relaxing Into the Sale
  • Persuasive Public Speaking: Affecting the Physiology of a Room with the Pace and Power of your Breath 
  • Cultivating Powerful Personal Energy: Stepping out of Adrenalized Driving and Tapping Inherent Genius 

Sessions start at $995 per hour, custom packages and free strategy sessions available. We're here to help you bring out the best in your people. If you're ready to see
 immediate change and lasting impact for the people on your teams, the leaders that drive them, and your overall bottom line - we'd love to chat with you!  

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Lucy Ladbrooke

Conference & Events Manager
Royal Australiasian College of Physicians

"After the session, I had the MOST productive day at work! I excelled in all of my meetings, was in a fabulous mood, and even slept well for the first time in weeks. Can't wait for the next one!"

Michelle Riley

Safe People & Culture
Melbourne Water

"I was a huge sceptic, but tried a workshop with Angie and Shane that made me feel great. Loved it so much I had them come and do a few workshops for stressed out team members and safety leaders, and it's made a lasting impact on absolutely everything. I highly recommend them."

Jacqui Kernot

 Partner Cyber Security
Ernst & Young

"...An absolutely profound and connected experience. Can't say enough good things!"

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Any questions? 

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