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Vera Anderson Interview – Boosting Business Performance

Vera Anderson Interview – Boosting Business Performance

When you’re in a role that is stressful and demanding, it can affect you in many different ways. Having so much on your plate can lead to a lack of sleep, procrastination, or even paralysis. 

In this episode, we chat to Vera Anderson, Performance Coach and Strategist at Global Elements Consulting, whom we met at AFest in Bali last year. 

Vera helps business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs shift their focus, make better decisions and manage their energy levels to double their performance and reach their goals. 

Through strategic coaching, Vera creates a vision for her clients’ business and personal lives and helps eliminate distractions so they can get where they want to in life.  

She is also the founder and CEO of HeadRehab, which develops Virtual Reality software to assess and track brain health for various markets, and sits on the Board of Advisors for OR TRAX.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What Vera does - helps people double their performance in any area of their life
  • Who Vera helps - CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs
  • Examples of the biggest impacts on doubling your performance - focus, making good decisions and managing energy levels
  • Why energy management is so important
  • How Vera helps people make big decisions - breaking them down into smaller chunks
  • The many distractions that are blocking our development
  • Why people tend to overthink decisions
  • Why creating a routine with meditation, breathing or exercise is critical to good performance
  • Vera’s experience of our sessions at AFest - her shift in energy
  • The benefits of walking and breathing
  • Three things that help Vera perform at her best - breathing, walking and journaling
  • What drives Vera? 


Useful Links:

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