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The vicious cycle that gets in the way of self care.

The vicious cycle that gets in the way of self care.

What’s really interesting about our line of work, is that the people who need it most are often the last to give it a go.

We specialize in teaching breathing and movement techniques to help people improve their sleep, focus, stress management, energy… the list goes on!

But the people who are the most stressed, burnt out, irritable, and overwhelmed aren’t often willing to put their hand up and ask for help.

We live in a world that demands so much of our time and energy, that people don’t feel like they’re able to prioritize their health so they end up feeling worse – it’s a vicious cycle.

When that happens, sometimes our body tells us “enough is enough” and we get the mother of all wake up calls when illness strikes.

Our philosophy has always been that prevention is better than a cure.

It’s far better to invest a smaller amount of time, money, and energy into regular practices that will improve your wellbeing, than it is to be hit with major disease further down the track.

So, if you were looking for a sign to start taking care of yourself, this is it!

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