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Syncing the Mind-Body System

Imagine if you were to utilise that 46.7% on other areas of your life and fill them with happiness such as in your relationships, within your business, personal health or whatever else makes you happy. Not to mention the impact it would have it you were to utilise your other two brains and sync the body and mind together.

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The Vagus Nerve

To do this we need to understand how the brains, the mind and the body tie together. The vagus nerve is a key component of this connection.

Vagus in Latin means wanderer and refers to the biggest nerve plexus. It interweaves itself, or wanders, through most of the body’s major systems, including the head, the heart, and the gut.

The main thing that interests us about this is that the vagus nerve isn’t just sending signals from the brain to the body. It’s actually sending signals from the body to the brain, the ratio being 80% – 20%.

Prior to these findings, scientists believed it was in reverse, 80% of nerve traffic going from the brain to the body. In simplified terms, when receiving external information, 80% of the messages transmitted are being sent to the brain. From here, the brain processes the information and sends messages back down to the body for a response.

For example, if you’re not taking the right probiotic and are having gut issues, your body will continually send red alert messages from your gut to your head.

The trouble with these messages is that they are competing with critical thinking or normal day to day thoughts and decisions. Your head gets cluttered and you may feel overwhelmed at times. This robs you of energy that you could be using to think. It also highlights the importance of taking care of the body, so it doesn’t produce unnecessary demands on the brain.

Genius Thinking

When you recognise and become aware of these other brain resources in the body, you start to understand what involvement they have in syncing your entire body-mind system. From here, you can engage in what we call genius thinking, rather than ordinary thinking. Ordinary thinking is using the brain only. Genius thinking is when you utilise all three.

Keep in mind, if you’re only making decisions from your gut instinct, then you’re not going to have much logic, emotion, or any empathy attached to it, because logic comes from the brain while emotion and empathy come from the heart.

Additionally, if you’re only using the heart, you’ll tend to be emotional about things, and you may find yourself being used as a doormat by others or making illogical choices.

See! You need to combine all three to reach the level of genius thinking.

You can also see that keeping your mind-body in sync plays a vital role in creating self-confidence and eliminating self-doubt. You know when you get that ‘gut feeling’, or you’re not so confident about making a decision, it’s because your mind-body isn’t in sync. This indecisiveness is caused by your body not being in harmony.

Visualisation and Breathing to Sync the Mind-Body

You can get the mind-body in sync with breathing through a visualisation technique we’ll share in a moment. We’re sceptics at heart but when we visualised uniting these three areas, we really noticed the effects it had on our decision-making.

Imagine sitting in a pool of energy and drawing that energy up through the pelvic floor, filtering its way through the heart, and then flowing out the top of your head. You are visualising the energy, but in doing so, you’re also using your breath to create the same energy flow. You’re drawing the energy up through all three crucial areas and uniting them. We call this the fountain breath.

This concept is like uniting your ego and intuition. The mind represents your ego, then the gut and the heart represent the intuitive part, which isn’t so conscious or loud. This gives you a very powerful combination you’ll be able to use to make far better decisions. (If you want a visual demonstration of the technique take a look at the video of the podcast below).

And if you don’t think that visualising has any effect on your physical results, then you might want to rethink it. There was an interesting study completed on shooting basketball hoops, and the results were profound. They had three groups; one group visualised shooting hoops, the other group practised shooting hoops, and the last group did nothing at all. They found that the group who visualised had similar results to the group who physically practised. Therein lies the genius brain.

We invite you to try and get to a genius thinking level using the fountain breath mentioned above for three minutes. Or you can download our infographic and audio that explains how using this simple meditation will unite these three areas.

Increasing Energy in the Mind-Body

It’s also important to unite the three brains to maximise energy levels. You want to make decisions from a ‘fully charged battery’ so to speak. Uniting the brains feels like you’re fully charged and self-confident. It helps to eliminate self-doubt and allows you to be more decisive.

Think of it as having a holiday from yourself. Get out your head, unite the three brains and get to your genius thinking state.

If you want to study this topic further, we advise you to read the Harvard Gazette study on how much time and energy is wasted over worrying about mundane things or events that haven’t happened yet.


Syncing the mind-body system connects the three brains in the body, releasing capacity for the main brain to focus on the important, and giving you the capacity to make more well-rounded decisions. Not to mention releasing energy that would otherwise be wasted on the unimportant. Put the fountain breath technique to use and let us know how you get on.

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