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Simon Bowen Interview – Genius Models For The Business World

Simon Bowen is the founder of Models Method and creator of The Genius Model - a bespoke visual model designed to help simplify complex business issues. He’s also an international keynote speaker, author, consultant and industry thought leader.

His background is in electronics, which he used to teach at university level, and has spent a considerable amount of time in the corporate space consulting and carrying out peak performance coaching.

Perth-based Simon studied philosophy at university and has used this, along with his insatiable curiosity, to help him understand what makes organisations tick, how they can improve, and what separates the cream of the crop from the average.

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Episode highlights:

  • The Models Method and The Genius Model - why Simon developed them, who they help and how
  • A bit about Simon and his background as a university lecturer, consultant and coach
  • Releasing creativity from people’s minds
  • A statistic about children’s creativity
  • The two challenges faced by any business owner or anyone with a responsibility of being a high performer
  • What you need to think creatively - emptiness creates space which requires the mind to fill it
  • Simon’s flagship model - The Genius Model
  • How children fill in spaces - learning to draw intuitively
  • Language is linear and lockstep - humans can’t hold onto concepts if we can’t express it in words
  • How Australian aboriginals were able to hold onto concepts
  • A model is about the artistry of thinking and then the artistry of influencing
  • How and when your idea becomes valuable
  • Where Simon gets most of his ideas - places that empty his mind
  • Why real creative genius is fleeting
  • How breathing can help you create space that you know will help you think creatively
  • Simon’s visual model to explain context and value
  • The sweet spot of The Genius Model
  • The nemesis of creativity is measurement - the business world says ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’
  • Using the Two Futures Model
  • Three key habits that move the needle the most for Simon - feeding his curiosity, thinking through drawing, and focusing on performing his delivery
  • Helping business and enterprises gain traction motivates Simon to get out of bed each day

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