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Selfcare made simple for busy people

Selfcare made simple for busy people

Self-care is about more than just scented candles and fluffy socks. It’s the way we care for our mind, body, and energy – which, if neglected, can lead to fatigue, illness and disease further down the track.

As parents of two powerful daughters, business owners and partners, we definitely have a lot of responsibilities.

In order to show up at our best for our clients, team, and family, we need to prioritize our own wellbeing. You know what they say, “you can’t pour from an empty cup!”

One our biggest selfcare musts, is to practice breathing techniques daily. Whether we’re getting ready for the day, at our desks, or with family – we make sure to fit in simple three-minute routines that help keep us grounded no matter what the day throws at us. Then once a week, we’ll do a longer session of about half an hour, which is filmed live in The Breathing Studio.

The next most important selfcare must, is to make sure we get some sunlight every single day. Our bodies need regular sun exposure to keep our circadian rhythms in check, keep our mood stable, and for countless chemical reactions within the body that keep us in a harmonious rhythm with our natural cycles.

So, those are just a few parts of our self-care routine. I know they seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to let the basic needs of your body go by the wayside when life gets busy.

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