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Rise And Shine Four Simple Steps To Kick Start Your Day

Morning routines can be simple. The blueprint of your natural flow doesn’t need to be complex. There are a few simple things you can add on to your normal morning routine to significantly boost your body and improve your day.

We started building our morning routine out of desperation. Shane was waking up in the morning, and he's ready for action. It’s probably the result of 13 years in the military; it’s instilled in him.

Whereas, I (Angie) used to work in the entertainment business and a lot of the time I’d wake up around midday if I didn’t have a morning shift to get to. So, when I came to Australia I had to get used to waking up early and going to sleep early. It was definitely a shift for me and my lifestyle, but a shift in the right direction.

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Greet the sunrise

The more important change you can make to your daily routine is to get up with the sun. For a lot of people, getting up at sunrise is a big deal. They think, “Oh that’s far too early, I can’t do that”. But everybody should, even the mamas.

Understanding why getting up early is good for you is basic stuff. We’ve spoken before on the podcast about how your internal body clock is synced with the sun. The sun is the metronome, or the master clock, that tells your cells when to turn certain things on and off. These can be everything from recycling programs to hormones - the correct type of hormones to be released at certain times. This affects how you digest food, it affects your energy, it affects your mood, it affects your sex drive. It pretty much affects everything that goes on in your body.

Chaos in the body, chaos in the mind

If you don't think it's important, think about this: if you're not getting out and seeing any sunlight, is it any wonder your body's not in sync? Is it any wonder that your body's producing hormones, or not digesting food right, or you're gaining weight, etc.? It just means that you're out of sync with the normal cycles.

When you get up with the sun, the light comes in through your eyes and into the water that's produced in the body and the mitochondria - the little powerhouses in the cells. They run off sunlight, so your body is full of electricity. So, light is the thing that actually runs the body.

That light that comes in from the sun also happens to be perfectly balanced light, which means it has all the spectrums of light in it. These different spectrums each do different things in the body.

We’re constantly told to cover up in the sun because it’s bad for you. The same goes for UV light. It’s actually not true. UV light is actually quite good for you, it just depends on when you receive it. Timing is everything.

Build a relationship with the sun

The interesting thing hit home for us was that if you get sunburned, or you don't do well in the sunlight, it's because your body's forgotten how to absorb the sun. There are a lot of things that can be unlocked with building more of a relationship with the sun.

If you live in a place where there isn’t a lot of sunlight, or you’re in the middle of winter, you can still get the light. You may not get it direct from the sun, but adjusting your morning routine so you are outside earlier on in the day will still have its benefits.

If you research any of the sun worshipping cultures, you’ll likely find that they were some of the longest standing cultures on Earth. For example, the Egyptians, the Aztecs. We know of them now in modern times because they've lasted the test of time. They all had knowledge of the solar and lunar cycles; they all had an alignment with those natural energies.

Ground yourself

Generally, we live an inside life. With the advent of electricity and TVs, and being business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re on our laptops and phones quite a bit. So the second most important thing you can add to your morning routine is walking around in bare feet.

Go for a walk along the beach, or around the park, or even just step out onto your lawn. Take a few breaths, relax your body and feel the fresh air. If you can get your feet into some natural running water, you’ll feel even better. By doing this, you exchange energy with the Earth; it’s all about the positive negative discharge. It will naturally lift you.

Jump start your day

Unlike the natural cycles outside of the body, breathing is an internal cycle and the third most important thing you can do for your morning routine. Oxygen is the main transporter of the information and energy in and out of the mitochondria.

Introducing more oxygen into the body and cycling the breathing is like jump starting your car before you drive away for the day. Circular breathing is priming your energy, and helping to create the flow before you even start work.

We've found that it also breaks up procrastination as you start to feel your energy rise. Circular breathing is also an important mechanism for releasing tension in the body. Whether you know it or not we all carry tension, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You can find out more about circular breathing in our free 7-Step Quick Start Breathing Program.

Make your move

The final important adjustment you can make to your morning routine is to move. You don't have to go and push yourself at the gym. While that would help you breathe better, sometimes just simple movements is enough.

If you’re starting your morning out in the sunshine, in nature, why not move.

I (Shane) have got three principles I use for movement. I have one movement that goes back to front, one movement that goes side to side, and one movement that involves some twisting and turning. Between them, I cover all three dimensions of movement.

The important thing is to move with your breathing. It could be as simple as moving your arms around from side to side, or bending the knees. It doesn’t matter what you do, moving your body will wake up your body’s function. It can also help with the movement of hormones and energy through the body.

So, by getting out in the morning sunlight, grounding yourself, breathing and moving, your morning routine will serve you better throughout the day. You will release tension, power up your body, connect with the Earth and connect with yourself. 

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