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Reminder! Is it time to break a mundane cycle?

Reminder! Is it time to break a mundane cycle?

As Executive Breathing Coaches, we do a lot of work with business owners and entrepreneurs to ensure they’re showing up at their best everyday.

As business owners and co-founders ourselves – we understand the unique stresses and responsibilities first-hand.

When you run your own business, you’re constantly juggling a million responsibilities, projects, and deadlines.

It can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

It’s pretty common to see business owners in a self-destructive cycle of stress, sleep deprivation, poor dietary choices, lack of exercise, which affects concentration, energy, focus, which causes more stress, sleep deprivation etc…

If you’re in that situation, I’m sure you know deep down that something has got to change.

You might need some new strategies and tools because what you’re doing now just isn’t working.

What has proven to help the most is a simple toolbox of breathing techniques whenever we feel that pressure mounting.

You can find exercises that take just three minutes, don’t require any training or equipment, and can be performed anywhere at any time – it’s been a life saver for us and our clients.

We all might know someone who needs a reminder to break the cycle and get back on track…

A reminder that sometimes to move forward, it’s helpful to first stop and take a breath.

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