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Magic happens when you bring awareness to your breathing

Magic happens when you bring awareness to your breathing

Let’s talk about breathing and awareness.

Where breathing is tied to awareness is really interesting. When you become aware of the finer details of your breathing — for example, the movements of inhaling and exhaling — by default, you begin to deepen your awareness to other things.

If you think about it for a moment…

The more we become aware of our breathing and how it functions, the more we are aware of what our body needs when it whispers rather than taking action on our health when it’s screaming sick.

Deepening the awareness of self creates a deeper awareness in other areas of our external environment. For example, awareness for innovation in business or how to parent children with effectiveness.

Starting a breathing practice is an easy habit because you are already doing it and it is the one habit that not only deepens awareness, but it also contributes to our own personal evolution… and that’s good for business and the ability to relate to others.

What are you currently doing to deepen your awareness?

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