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Josh Mantz Interview: Humility, Vulnerability, Trust And Perseverance

Josh Mantz Interview: Humility, Vulnerability, Trust And Perseverance

This interview is perhaps one of the most interesting and inspiring we’ve done, especially for those who have been through a traumatic experience at some point in their lives.We chat with former major in the US Army, Josh Mantz. He’s now a professional speaker, author and CEO of Asymmetric Mind. His story is incredible, having been deployed to Iraq in 2007, shot by a sniper and declared dead for 15 minutes. He knows trauma better than most, yet his post-traumatic growth as he calls it, is thriving. Josh now spends his days building leadership and development programs for Fortune 500 companies in the private sector, based on his experience in the military. He shared his experiences, trauma and mental health issues in his book, ‘The Beauty of a Darker Soul: Overcoming Trauma Through the Power of Human Connection’.We delve into the habits that keep Josh on top of it all, the struggles as an entrepreneur and the different dimensions of leadership. 

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Topics covered in this episode: 

  • Josh’s background - who he is and how he got to where he is now

  • Being deployed, shot and dying in Iraq and being brought back to life

  • How the power of human connection can help us through the dark times

  • The different dimensions of leadership

  • Self-leadership is the most overlooked but the one we have the most control over

  • Humility, Vulnerability, Trust And Perseverance

  • Being an entrepreneur - how to fight through the days when you lose hope

  • Following General Hal Moore’s advice that there’s always one more thing you can do increase your odds of success

  • Comparing ourselves to others

  • Shifting from mental health to mental habits - having a daily practice is essential for daily success

  • The constant pursuit of wisdom - seeking perspective

  • Josh’s study of philosophy - what do we really know?

  • How does Josh persevere? Daily practice, improving his knowledge of the world and being creative

  • PTG - post-traumatic growth

  • Working with people who have gone through traumatic events

  • Military culture - relationships and trust


Josh Mantz's Quick Links:




Josh’s book - The Beauty of a Darker Soul: Overcoming Trauma Through the Power of Human Connection

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