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Jon Hollenberg Interview – Visualising Your Success

In this episode we chat with a close friend and fellow entrepreneur, Jon Hollenberg. He is the owner of website design company, Five by Five, and author of ‘Love at first site - How to build the website of your dreams.

With over 20 years’ experience in the website design game, Jon is an expert in online marketing and growth strategies. His company has worked with iconic Australian and international brands including Qantas to deliver design, technology and content to drive success.

Founded in 2006, Five by Five helps business double their traffic and has seen Jon previously win the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his online expertise.

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Episode highlights:

  • An introduction to Jon and what he does -

  • Author of ‘Love At First Site - How To Build The Website Of Your Dreams’

  • Why Jon enjoys Breathe Me breathing sessions - a chance to reset and cleanse away from the screen

  • Managing your state - Jon’s morning routine that sets him up for the day

  • Visualising success for the day - forces you to focus on what you’re trying to get done

  • Cold immersion - Jon has been having cold showers for the past year

  • Breaking the ice with an ice bath - team bonding

  • Three things to focus on when building a strong culture in your business - team bonding,

  • What gets Jon out of bed in the morning - being a better version of himself than he was the day before

  • If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards - working to improve yourself

  • Our experience of working with Jon to build our website

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