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Jan and Michelle Terkelsen Interview - Finding Your Natural Level Of Self-Leadership

This is the third episode in our Energised Leader series and it’s jam packed full of great advice on how to become a better leader for your team.

 The ladies behind the knowledge are twins Jan and Michelle Terkelsen, founders of People Leaders. Over the past 20 years, they have gathered the skills to coach high-performing teams and create self-aware leaders.

They believe everyone has the desire and capacity to lead themselves, but most don’t know where to start. They teach the fundamentals of people leadership and use tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and their own High-Performing Team Indicator to help lift everyone to his or her natural level of self-leadership.

We chat about the challenges of managing the dynamics of a team, the importance of being self-aware and vulnerable as a leader, and understanding how and where to improve your own energy first to become an energised leader.

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Episode highlights:

  • Why Jan and Michelle formed People Leaders

  • What they specialise in - bridging the gaps from a team leader and team point of view

  • Why there is a gap or misconception when it comes to leading a team

  • Being Myers-Briggs practitioners

  • Introversion vs extroversion

  • When leading people, you have to show yourself

  • Understanding your preferences as an energised leader - the importance of understanding where you get your energy from

  • Dealing with the leader first, then the team

  • The team leader has the single biggest impact on the culture of the team

  • The common problems of leaders - negative feedback from the team

  • Increasing your awareness as a people leader - that’s when change happens in a team

  • Top three things people can do to increase their awareness - reflect each day, be present, and ensure you have enough energy

  • How Jan and Michelle approach a toxic business structure

  • Jan and Michelle’s top tools when coaching people leaders - psychometric feedback tools including Myers-Briggs or LSI

  • The benefits of meditation twice a day for Jan and Michelle

  • Moving into action means action will meet your indicator

  • The key dimensions of the High-Performing Team Indicator -Direction, Relationships, Communication, Accountability, Process, Stakeholders, Renewal, Growth

  • What moves the needle the most for Jan and Michelle so they can be energised leaders

  • Why the High-Performing Team Indicator is one of their most popular downloads

  • Why Jan and Michelle do what they do

  • The next step: digitising the High-Performing Team Indicator

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