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Gary Romanik Interview – Breathwork: The True Meaning Of No Pain No Gain

In this episode, serial entrepreneur Gary Romanik, shares his experience of breathwork and how it helps him transition the tricky periods, both in his personal life and business life.

 We first met Gary at A Fest in Bali where he was properly introduced to breathing sessions, although he later realised he had tried it once before. It’s now a staple in his life after such a powerful and energising experience.

As CEO of Clearstream and COO of SlideCatcher, Gary is a busy creator but manages to find the time for a breathing session, no matter how big or small, because for him, it is a game changer. 

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Episode highlights:

  • Why Gary went to A Fest in Bali - looking for a transformation after a lot of personal turmoil and revelations

  • Breathwork was the number one practice Gary took with him from Bali

  • Gary’s first experience of breathwork was so profound, he’s incorporating it into his daily life - exercise, meditation and time with friends

  • Realising breathwork is a tool for Gary to use - his first session with us in Bali

  • That “aha!” moment - experiencing euphoric highs and very low lows

  • Breathwork allows Gary to feel things, create space, let them go and move on

  • Gaining strength by being vulnerable - feeling joy and pain is often hard to do but breathwork opened the door for Gary

  • Breathwork is the true meaning of #NoPainNoGain

  • Living in a “dick heavy world” - feminine experiencing energy in a group breathwork session

  • How Gary knows when he needs to do a breathing session

  • Three key habits Gary practices when he needs to get motivated - breathwork, exercise and friends

  • The importance of being part of a community and having a network of friends, no matter how big or small

  • The unknown motivates Gary each morning

  • Gary’s ongoing transformation from 1.0 to 2.0

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