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Four steps to manage yourself in lockdown.

Four steps to manage yourself in lockdown.

Are you still in lockdown or some sort of restriction?

We’ve seen a lot of people talking about going a bit stir-crazy stuck inside recently. If you’re used to a fast-paced life with lots of external stimuli, you might be feeling a bit of cabin fever if you’re in isolation… so we wanted to share some tips for staying sane! 

  1. Look after yourself – We love attending and hosting virtual breathing, movement and meditation classes to ensure we’re regulating our mind and body to stay grounded and focused on what is important. 
  2. Stay connected – Send some love to your friends and family, ask how they’re dealing with current events and organise something fun like Zoom trivia! 
  3. Sleep quality and quantity – Make sure you go outside each day and get some morning sunlight. Put the screens away at night so your circadian rhythm stays steady, sleep deprivation won’t make anything better. 
  4. Fuel your mind with positivity – As much as it’s great to stay informed, try to balance out feelings of doom and gloom with some feel-good entertainment. Whether it’s old music you love, a book that takes your mind off things, or something else that has you feel lighthearted, it’s important to give yourself that break.

How are you going with lockdown? Are you ok?

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