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Expect the unexpected…

Expect the unexpected…

Not many people know this, but I (Angie) actually spent much of my 20’s in Los Angeles working in the entertainment industry.

It’s a notoriously cut-throat environment, and it demands some pretty irregular working hours, a lot of behind the scenes stress, and tonnes of networking.

You really have to put your best foot forward and be open to new opportunities to make the most of it.

Though I dealt with a lot of stress and anxiety at the time, I do cherish that time in my life because of how much it taught me.

I’m lucky enough to still be meeting and working with new and interesting people everyday, and it requires me to show up as my most focused, grounded self.

Still.. till this day I work on camera, hosting workshops and classes on breathing techniques – and I still do a lot of behind the scenes prepping!

Sometimes life takes us in the most surprising twists and turns, but whatever is behind us will always give us skills, experience, and lessons for what is ahead.

What’s something unexpected in your history that’s helped you get where you are today?

How can you view what you are going through now as a stepping stone to where you could be?

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