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Ed Andrew Interview – The Power Of Self-Healing

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In this episode we dive deep into the world of Eastern medicine, self-healing, meditation and humanity in business with Ed Andrew.

British-born Ed is a business coach and mentor and founder of The Human Consultancy. His passion is bringing humanity to careers and life through online and face-to-face workshops and seminars.

His training helps businesses to grow into the multi million dollar profit bracket, just as he has with many of his own businesses.

Other areas of work includes advising tech-driven startups and scale-ups to create sustainable, investable and scalable businesses, and mentoring CEO’s and high-performing professionals to help them find a career that best suits them.

He’s also a fellow podcaster. As the host of Human Impact podcast, Ed interviews changemakers and leaders around the world bringing humanity to work and life

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Episode Highlights:

  • A brief look into Ed’s background - born in England, lived in Australia on and off for the last 20 years, originally a lawyer and then a headhunter
  • Building his first business in Australia the day after 9/11 and selling after 9 successful years
  • Moving into the technology business and consultancy work for startups
  • Ed’s fashion business, launched with his wife
  • Ed’s current work helping people who are in a transition in their life
  • Living a closed, traditional English life but always having an interest in finding out what else is out in the world
  • Being unsure of the power of meditation and breathing but knowing there was “something else out there”
  • Moving from a Western culture to Eastern culture - working in India and being exposed to Eastern medicine, Buddhism, Shamanism, Taoism etc.
  • Ed’s views on the validity of plant based medicine
  • Ed’s experience of being diagnosed with prostate cancer 7 years ago and his journey of self-healing
  • The Eastern philosophy of prostate cancer - it’s a mental problem not a physical problem
  • How meditation puts you into a safe place
  • Breathwork is a lifetime commitment because you are essentially changing the way your body works
  • What makes the best leaders? The importance of being intuitive, not only for yourself but for others
  • Ed’s daily practice and the difference he notices when he doesn’t do it - breathwork, affirmations, creating positive energy for the day ahead
  • We are not perfect - what Ed does if he wakes up in a bad space mentally
  • Mindset vs heartset
  • What gets Ed out of bed - serving his family first
  • Life doesn’t have to be complicated - you can transform your life and you don’t need a catastrophic event to do that

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