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Did you know that breathing is a psychological phenomenon?

Did you know that breathing is a psychological phenomenon?

A lot of people come to us for breathing techniques and coaching that will boost their performance and make them more productive.

That’s a huge part of why we do, but there’s a whole other side of benefits that we feel don’t get as much attention.

Breathing techniques work to regulate our nervous system, calm our physiology, and regulate the way our body works.

Yes, they boost focus, productivity, and energy…

But they’re also an incredible tool for behaviour change including emotional wellbeing and tapping into a more grounded, stable sense of self.

When you begin a breathing practice, you begin to affect the chemical composition of your body which works to dissipate stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

When you practice it in the moment, you’ll notice you can calm down and feel more balanced in minutes.

Breathing does work to balance out your biology, body chemistry, and hormones so both your mind and body are less prone to aggravation and reaction. 


What most people don’t know… there is still the habit of feeling stressed that needs to be addressed. 

Have you ever felt stressed or angry and didn’t really have a reason why? Maybe you went looking for reasons or events to help explain why you might be feeling this way.

Practicing in the moment is useful… however when you implement these tools regularly in the long term that is when the magic happens. You begin to reprogram unconscious breathing behaviours.

You start to feel that your baseline for stress changes and you feel more grounded and peaceful overall. Therefore having a better sense of strength around stressful situations. 

We are both working on our Diploma to become Certified Breathing Behavioral Analysts so if you have any questions about how breathing techniques work to make these behavioral changes in your mind and body…

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