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Dean Delia Interview – Purpose, Passion, Pride, Philanthropy…

Dean Delia Interview – Purpose, Passion, Pride, Philanthropy…

Dean Delia is a social entrepreneur, strategist and storyteller with a passion for connecting our global community through education and inspiring others into action. 

A proud product of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, Dean believes that the key to creating innovative, socially minded leaders is access to quality education, regardless of place of birth or social status. This belief has driven him to create action-focused learning opportunities through schools, non-profits and independent organisations in Australia and throughout the world.

His dynamic speaking style and unique approach to facilitation has connected and inspired thousands of people across four continents. A talented trainer, program developer and strategist, Dean has led national and international organisations such as We, High Resolves and The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) and is currently Director for Young People at The Prince's Trust Australia. He has founded several start ups and built relationships and partnerships across the corporate, private, and philanthropic sectors.

He is the Nexus Australia Outreach Ambassador and in his spare time, leads international volunteer trips that promote sustainable community development and connect people from different countries and cultures.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Dean’s work with the Prince’s Trust

  • His entrepreneurial journey and how he got his edge

  • Dean explains how he saw wasted resources in the not-for-profit sector

  • Being a philanthropist wasn’t necessarily his path

  • Setting up a distribution company

  • The journey of a startup

  • The highs and lows of a startup

  • How they went from the company to watch to a liquidated company on it’s almost second birthday

  • The hero’s journey

  • Key realisations and lessons Dean learned from the process of being liquidated 1. Be honest with yourself 2. Be willing to be vulnerable and ask for help

  • The importance of being aligned with your values and your business

  • 2 key questions Dean’s mentor asked him that made a massive shift in his thinking was 1. If you had 50 million dollars  in your personal bank account, how would you spend your days? 2. If you had 12 months to live how would you spend your days?

  • Realising your passions and wants

  • How asking for help can be liberating

  • Reconnecting with your purpose

  • Speaking at the UN in New York

  • Using breathing to navigate through the ups and downs and how breathing was a game changer for Dean

  • Finding balance

  • Exploring your ego

  • Pursuing your passion can take time


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The Prince's Trust


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