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Chandell Labbozzetta Interview – Clear Your Past, Create Your Future, Live In The Now

Have you ever struggled with anxiety in business? Or questioned your self-worth? Chandell Labbozzetta has.

She spent almost 20 years building a successful career in sales, corporate business development and marketing and has won a number of awards for her performance.  

After a struggle with burnout and depression, she discovered neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and the answers to her issues with self-worth and achievement. Now, she’s a popular sales strategist coach, trainer, motivational speaker and author of the ‘Confident Closing Strategic Sales Model’.

Chandell used the model to grow a single business by 400% in just 6 months and now teaches the methodology to students and clients as Head of Training and Development at Life Puzzle.

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Episode highlights:

  • What Chandell does - her purpose is to inspire confidence in others so that they can make empowered decisions

  • How Chandell helps people in business - helps people get the messaging right to be able to charge the price they deserve for the work they are passionate about

  • People want to serve but often end up becoming servants

  • Being successful in business is so much more than having the right business skills - it’s about having the head, the heart and the gut

  • Chandell predominantly works with service-based entrepreneurs

  • The ultimate business solution: 80% psychology and 20% strategy

  • For many people having the right mindset is unconscious - they tend to disconnect their values

  • Dream, goal, plan, action

  • People tend to focus heavily on either the strategy or the mindset to achieve their goals - they don’t connect the two

  • Our values play a huge role in terms of our psychology because they drive our behaviours

  • Why people tend to avoid thinking about their mindset in business

  • ‘A-ha’ moments versus ‘oh no’ moments - Chandell’s lobster metaphor

  • People are challenged by their vulnerability - the pain they do know seems better than the pain they don’t know

  • Achieving your goals - your perception of time in relation to your body is important

  • Anxiety is a warning from the unconscious mind that we’re not focusing on what we want

  • 3 key habits Chandell has that keep her going throughout the day - breathwork, she focuses on what she wants, and understanding when to take responsibility

  • Letting go isn’t about avoiding something

  • Chandell’s work towards intergenerational mental health

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