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Brett Jarman On Why Podcasts Should Be On Every Business Owner’s Agenda

The next in the Energised Leader Series is one of our favourite people, Brett Jarman. Why is he one of our favourite people? Because he’s pretty good at coming up with new ideas and making complex problems simpler and he produces and hosts this podcast you’re about to listen to. In this episode, Brett shares his podcast magic with us, talking about everything from how to start your own, to content strategy and leading a team that’s spread across the globe. He is the CEO and Founder of Experts On Air and Help Me Leverage, which helps experts build their reputation and personal brand as an authority in their field in order to drive sales and growth. As someone who has been self-employed since the age of 19, he’s got this whole business thing down. Brett shows his clients how to speak to their ideal customers, put systems in place that reduce demands on the founder, and how to use their intellectual property to their full advantage. This usually involves creating or leveraging podcasts as these are proven to be the platform that gives the most leverage.He is also the author of ‘Soul Operator - How to Be Your Own Boss and Build a Business With Purpose’, and of course, runs his own podcast, Authority Accelerator.

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Episode highlights:

  • What Brett does - help experts build their reputation and personal brand as an authority in their field
  • How Brett has helped us up our game and explain what we actually do
  • Why he started producing podcasts and content marketing services for experts in their field - to help people focus on what they’re best at
  • Helping people with their strategy - how Brett and his team made it easier for us
  • Brett’s personality according to Roger James Hamilton’s Genius Test - Dynamo Genius
  • Very few podcasts get past the first few episodes because they don’t have a strategy in place
  • How we’ve benefitted from starting a podcast - opportunities for new business and partnerships through interviews
  • What Brett is working on right now - building the network and employing producers
  • How Brett manages his energy around being highly creative
  • Routines Brett has to keep him on track as a business owner and working from home - meditation, breathing, rising early and regular yoga sessions
  • Brett’s biggest leadership lesson - learning to step back and let the team get on with their tasks without his interference
  • Making the work more satisfying for your team
  • Brett’s ultimate goal by 2021 - one day off a week, one week off a month and one month off a year
  • Taking inspiration from Chuck Blakeman
  • Trying a 4-day week for his team and why it hasn’t quite worked yet
  • Brett’s strategies - thinks visually to fit everything into a structure
  • The importance of using a framework for things he does regularly
  • What gets Brett out of bed in the morning - to bring more ease into the world, making things simpler
  • What people need to do if they’re looking to start a podcast - be clear on the function of the podcast and who your audience is
  • The narrower you go with your target audience, the more success your podcast will likely have
  • Ways to contact Brett for all things podcasts

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