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Breathing To Be ‘Mission Ready’

Today we're talking about breathing to be ‘mission ready’. You might have heard us using this term before, but what does it mean?

In a world where we’re constantly trying to better ourselves, be it in our careers, our relationships or other areas of life, it’s easy to become complacent.

We spend time learning new techniques and strategies, making plans for new ways to move forward in life by learning new things. We become a master of these things, which of course, is great, but sometimes things still just don’t feel right. Usually, it’s because people forget to make a plan to take care of their physical body.

I (Shane) have a military background, so being mission ready is always important to me. But on the whole, we’ve found most people don’t think about it that way.

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Ad hoc behaviour

When you're learning more or trying to take on new things you become what we call, ‘ad hoc’. In other words, you start clutching at straws.

Usually, people spend so much time searching for something and trying to create a strategy to get there but don’t end up where they want to be, or as fast as they'd like to.

When we have learned new things, we've created a strategy around implementing and using those new techniques. Eventually, we get to a level of mastery with those techniques so we start stripping away at things we don't need.

Something interesting happens though with mastery - sometimes you can become complacent. You start to think you know it all. However, it’s possible to be at a level of mastery in your business or in your relationship or with your finances, but still feel like there’s something not quite right.

Mastery and flow are inconsistent and because you don’t know what to do to move forward, you ‘ad hoc’ until you do. We’ve certainly done this.

Holding yourself back

We are firm believers that your business, your relationships, your money investing and finances - everything you do - will only go as far as your body will allow you.

The way to move past that is to learn how to move from mastery to what we call the effortless advantage. You need to learn to use all these systems and knowledge in a different way; to live it.

By allowing yourself to integrate, to transition, or to transform, you can begin to put that mastery into your unconscious. So you get this sense of achievement, without feeling the need to learn something else. Ultimately, it will allow you to let go.

Learning to flow

From our experience working with clients, people usually already have enough coaching, they already know enough to be able to do this. But there’s a fine line you cross when going from mastery to flow; to being in the flow of what you're doing.

Crossing this line will allow you to start really enjoying what you're doing because you don't get a sense of dissatisfaction or the sense that something is missing.

Let’s put it this way, when you are going with the flow so to speak, you know when to row and you know when to put the oars in the boat. Essentially, that's when you've done enough work to improve yourself and your physical body and know how to manage your state. If you need to energise you can energise, if you need to relax you can relax.

With that, you gain an inherent trust in yourself and your own body. That's when you start trusting your own processes, your own decision-making skills and strategies, rather than searching for more.

Trusting the gut, heart and mind

The time where we became most aware of this ourselves was when we started to focus on connecting the mind and body. We began focusing on really trusting our gut and listening to our heart and running that through the mind.

Most people already know there's something intuitive about our gut. Or know they need to be leading from the heart and using the heart a lot more to make decisions. From there, it’s key to have a process to not only connect those and bring those online but then also understand where they fit in.

For me (Angie) being mission ready is about knowing and trusting.

However, it may be the case that mastery is just not good enough anymore. You need to be moving through to the next level of being in flow and actually enjoying what you're doing.

Think about it for a second. If you’ve got a business or a career, that you’re not enthusiastic about, or you feel suffocated by your passions, you might find you’re just lacking some flow in that area. This is especially true if you're a people leader.

Secret to success

Here’s a little secret: breathing is where you start to become mission ready. It’s where the rubber meets the road; it's the first place you can start to change the environment around you. It's the physical vehicle for change in your body.

In other Breathing Edge Podcast episodes, we've spoken about how breathing is related to the nervous system, and how it's related to the emotional centres in the brain. We've spoken about how it's related to mental aspects in the way the mind works in connecting the different parts of the body with each other. Basically, breathing is the key power habit.

That's why we have created the Blueprint for Natural Flow because we believe integrating these things into what you do will shift you from mastery to flow.


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