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Ben Carvosso Interview: Become The CEO Of Your Life

Do you want to understand where your energy comes from? Do you want to find that perfect work-life balance?

Then give this episode from our Energised Leader Series a listen. In it Dr Ben Carvosso, tells us how the pursuit of work-life balance is a losing strategy. Instead, he coaches successful business owners, CEOs and their teams on how to find and achieve their life’s work.

Ben has been studying human behaviours and physical health and wellbeing since the age of 17 and began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 23 after studying to become a chiropractor. He went on to create one of Australia’s biggest allied healthcare practices, with the aim of getting to the root of every problem, not just treating the symptom.

As Australia’s leading mindset coach for business, his mission is to “unleash the greatness, the true character within our current and future generations and as a result, leave a powerful legacy for future generations”.

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Episode highlights:

  • How Ben became interested in human performance and health and wellbeing
  • Becoming a chiropractor and buying his first chiropractic centre
  • Where Ben gets his energy from - creation
  • What drains Ben and his clients the most - being busy with work but unfulfilled
  • The importance of having clarity around your purpose
  • How Ben helps people actually do what they really want to be doing
  • Why it’s okay to quit and let go of the things that aren’t really helping you
  • What moves the needle the most for Ben - creativity and adventure
  • Take care of yourself first - the best you is the best for everybody
  • Being selfish without having regrets or feeling guilty
  • A bit about Ben’s book - ‘Life CEO
  • Bringing everything into alignment - money, health and relationships
  • Something everyone can do now for a better life - focus on joy with nervousness and excitement
  • What Ben is working on now - nicheing his practice into healthcare
  • Helping practitioners become profitable but stay healthy themselves
  • What gets Ben out of bed in the morning - really helping people

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