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Are You Unconsciously Rejecting Your Body

Today’s topic of discussion is something everyone can do, but most people aren’t even aware of: the unconscious rejection of your body.

It may sound strange, but we do have the ability to reject our own bodies, to some degree. We’ve seen it when working with hundreds, if not thousands of people, during Shane’s career in the military. And it’s come to our attention more recently as our careers as entrepreneurs have grown.

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Noticing the signs

As we’ve gone through the stages of learning all things business, it’s become more and more clear that a lot of people forget about their body. We have all the tools to learn, connect and push ourselves to the next level. If we don’t use them and are disconnected from the body, it shows.

When the body isn’t happy, it sends signals to your brain via the vagus nerve. Many people become cranky when they’re disconnected and end up not having room for anything else.

A lot of the time I (Angie) feel like there's something I should be doing mentally to feel better, but really it's just as simple as nourishing my body.

Reconnect your body using the breath

One of the best ways to reconnect with your body is by using the breath. The breath is the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind. You can choose to take your breathing for a spin or you can choose to just let your body breathe.

This unification is something we witnessed firsthand recently during our breathing sessions at a festival in Bali. We saw how it can help people create bandwidth or create extra space as well as get reconnected with their body.

Most people said they felt a connection to the whole body or parts of their body they haven't felt in a while.

We are designed to be full of life, alive, and connected to our own self. But when we've been so disconnected for so long, getting acquainted with our own life force and our own energy within our body can be intense. It can be confusing too; we don’t know what to make of the sensations. In fact, people often mistake the intensity for pain and numbness.

That’s where the breathing comes in though; it can be used for bringing life back into the body and reconnecting. It’s called inspiritus.

Exploring the mind-body connection

Although the breath is the tool to use to reconnect, we’ve noticed people may even avoid breath work, or going to a breathing session. That’s because intuitively, they're trying to stuff emotions down. When this happens, your energy gets loaded in with that too.

We all have different ways of dealing with problems or difficult situations in life, but it’s important not to suppress those feelings and emotions. Instead, you should learn to feel them and recognise how they make your body feel rather than becoming numb and desensitised.

In our experience, it seems to be a Western thing. We are very intellectual in the Western world, where everything is solved by the brain. We call on the brain and end up overloading it, so our mind-body connection is askew. The answer, the antidote, the inoculation is simply connecting with your breath.

Our theory is that the people who are most disconnected with their bodies are those who are in their head trying to work things out, trying to be a perfectionist and in control of everything.

Connect and let the energy flow

I (Angie) was one of those people, I was always in my head, always worrying about things. I used to get angry very easily and always reacted. When I started doing the breathing I resisted it at first because it was out of my control.

Learning to let go and let the breath take over is a real skill. When I eventually got into the breathing sessions, I began to feel connected to my own personal life force and my own energy. I started to feel alive again and then all of a sudden I wasn't reactive anymore. It was like I forgot how to be angry and how to be disconnected. From there, I really started to connect with Shane and the children more, and eventually with the business and my intuition.

Life force, sex drive, energy, and intuition - these things are all energies in the body that drive us. I (Angie) have found the more I connect with the breath, the more I felt connected to my true self. The more I connected to myself, the more my intuition turned on and the more I felt unshakable, I suppose.

So, we encourage you to think about the connection you have with your body and energy and try this free meditation. It focuses on connecting the gut, the heart, and the head. Let’s get this connection flowing for you so you can feel the benefits too. 

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