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Blue Blockers Swanwick

Are you having unprotected screen time?

Did anyone else get told as a kid that if they watch too much television, they’ll get square eyes?

Our parents weren’t entirely wrong… Now that so much of our work is done on laptops and computers, we do need to be cautious about how much screen time we’re racking up.

Our computer and smartphone screens emit blue light, which may seem harmless on it’s own – but our bodies are wired to interpret light as a signal that it’s either sunrise, daylight, or sunset.

This is super important if you’re on your phone or laptop at night, because that’s going to tell your body that it’s daylight, time to be up and at it – not producing melatonin and sleep hormones like it should be doing at night.

Have you ever noticed how children can feel wired or go a little crazy after watching a movie or being on devices? 🙈

It’s no surprise to us that screens are highly stimulating. 😲

That’s why our family wears orange-toned glasses specifically made to filter out the blue light and protect our eyes. This lets our body keep its sleep hormones intact, and we don’t have to worry about square eyes!

Do you have quality blue blocking glasses yet?

We use Swanwick and highly recommend them… especially for children. 👌🏽

Use the code: BREATHEME for 10% off! 🎉

PS. Really great to give as gifts to the people you work with. 👍🏽

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