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Adam Houlahan Interview – Becoming An Influencer: Be Authentic, Be Real, Be You

This is another great episode from our Energised Leader series, and this time we’re really focusing on being a person of influence in your respective industry.

 And who better to lets us in on a few social media secrets than the king of influencer marketing himself, Adam Houlahan.

 We’ve been working with Adam for a while now, both on personal energy and his speciality in being a person of influence.

 He is a Social Media Strategist and LinkedIn Specialist first and foremost and CEO of Web Traffic That Works. Working with entrepreneurs around the world, Adam helps business owners define who they are and why they matter, bringing value to any business.

Having owned and run an incredible six companies, he’s learned a thing or two over the years about the difficulties of scaling a business and having the power of integrated social media presence, especially on LinkedIn. 

On top of that, Adam is the founder of The Influencer Program that teaches a successful social media formula for growing connections and monetising influencer status in any industry.

 He is also the author of Amazon best-sellers ‘The LinkedIn Playbook: Contacts to Customers’, ‘Social Media Secret Sauce: From 0 to 200,000 Followers in 1 Hour a Day’ and ‘INFLUENCER: The 9 Step Guide To Becoming Highly Influential In Any Industry’ (see links below).

 We love Adam’s approach to business and social media strategy and his ability to break it down into layman’s terms and simple steps to get the most from any business.

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Episode highlights:

  • What’s the return on investment from social media? “You get to stay in business”

  • How Adam got into social media strategy - working at Miessence

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome and being authentic on social media

  • A common problem with Adam’s clients: history of doing content before and thinking they need to fake it til they make it

  • Social serving vs social selling - people will always come to you when it’s the right time for them so be consistent

  • The hero’s journey - transitioning from working for someone else to working for himself

  • What keeps Adam moving forward - starting his day with an ice bath, breathing and getting out into sunlight

  • Critical thinking is the hardest part of business and takes a huge toll on your energy

  • Figuring out what type of influencer you are - finding your strengths and keeping the flow going

  • How to handle negative feedback and not let it drain your energy

  • Adam’s free course and community for anyone looking to become an influencer in any industry

  • What gets Adam out of bed in the morning - a passion for meeting and helping people

  • Why Adam is an introvert

  • Using your personal energy to be successful in business

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