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Productivity isn’t always a systems and processes problem… it usually is an energy problem.
Even the best plans for 2019 are useless if you don’t have the energy to implement them.
We are currently bringing together a small group of innovativesbusiness owners and executives interested in catapulting their productivity by managing their energy instead time.
This will be an invitation only program that is specifically designed to:
Increase your energy on a cellular level
Facilitate better quality decisions
Allow better quality sleep
Help you feel more balanced and alive
Feel. Less. Stressed.
During this program you will learn how to:
Hitch a ride on nature's energy cycles
Leverage your energy rhythms
Hitch a ride on nature's energy cycles
Switch on for 110% performance
Switch off for 110% relaxation
Rapidly transition between performance and relaxation for maximum productivity
Clear your own personal cache to open up bandwidth 
Inspire creativity at will
Jumpstart your metabolism to activate more energy and increase your level of physical wellbeing
Transformational Results
Our techniques have been generating transformational results for business owners and executives who have been battling with work or business related stress for years on end. They don’t require endless hours of navel gazing, soul searching or other activities that just make you restless and unsettled.
​​​​​​​“I’m blown away. I’ve done deep dive, silent meditation retreats that last for 7 days, yet your techniques give me the same level of transformation in just 60 minutes.”
AR, Investor | California, USA.
​​​​​​​“This breathwork for me has created space to let go of some of the things that I’ve been holding on to, some of the fears and anxieties. Just from doing this work over the last 4 days, I find myself having a lot of energy. I’m not dragging in the afternoon. I’m not tired in the morning. I’m not tired every time I eat. I am more in line with the cycles, I am more aligned with the flow of the day.”
Vera A. Founder of Global Elements Consulting
Productivity Accelerator
What we will cover in this program:
Let's get started in the Productivity Blueprint
Movement Pt. 1: Open Up Your Breathing Capacity
Align Your Values
Movement Pt. 2: Release Tension
Creating your future goals: I know what I need to do now
Cold Thermogenesis
Water and Hydration
Inferred & Heat Exposure
Sun & Light Protocols
Food that Nurtures & Hydrates
Earth Magnetism Protocols (Grounding)
Transformation : Bringing it all together

Your breathing rules your nervous system, so to strengthen your productivity we will provide you with a breathing kit that supports your own personal energy.
Breathing Kit
12 Minute Relax Me
12 Minute Energise Me
12 Minute Focus Me
12 Minute Help Me Sleep
12 Minute Focus Maker
6 Minute Pre Presentation
12 Minutes : Your Future Now (Future Hindsight) 
Live Event (AU)
Ticket to Energy To Implement - 2 Day Event
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To find out more about the program, make an appointment using the booking calendar below. We’ll jump on a 15 minute call to answer your questions and to find out if the program might be a fit for you.

​​​​​​​If you like, you can even have a ‘taste test’ of one of the techniques we use. All we need is 3 minutes to show you how you can dramatically shift your energy in a very short period of time.
"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."
Chinese Proverb

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