Free Breathing Session for Quick Holiday Recovery
Feeling like you aren't where you thought you would be at the start of the year can impact the entire first quarter of the next decade.
event next Friday, December 27th @ 11am Brisbane time
A 1-Hour Breathing Recovery Event

Do you need a quick recovery session after Christmas so you can keep going into January? 

Recovery from... 

Feeling the 'too much'...

If you need a quick 'leg up' into the Roaring 20's, then being able to manage your state is critical.

Especially for for quality productivity, performance and sleep...

You're invited to join us for our Free Online Breathing Event PLUS a immediate access to a Free Breathing Practice Kit to get you started now.

We will share a short brief on how to use yourBreathing Practice Kit so you can learn how to:
Step away from business as usual to get clairity
Power up for performance
Power down for effective recovery
Release the mania of distractions 
Get fearlessly focused in 6 min or less
Feel like you are flying into the Roaring 20’s

Followed by a fully guided breathing experience, meant to give you the recovery time and tools needed to prepare you to launch into 2020.

The Breathing Practice Kit will be in your confirmation email so you can get started at anytime.


Friday the 27th of December 2019
@11am Brisbane time

For friends in the States...

Thursday the 26th of December
New York @ 8pm
Los Angeles @ 5pm

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