Choose Your Hard

Breathe Me Blog

It is a lot easier to wreck a ship than it is to keep sailing safely...

❗️Head a little more upwind and disaster is eminent.

❗️A momentary loss of attention will produce the same result.

The same happens with our emotions, our focus and our beliefs.

Whether we like it or not we are living in an economical storm...

Wrecking your ship is easy but the results are hard and often detrimental.

Navigation and steering of a ship is hard but the results will give life.

💪🏽Choose your hard.

As we go into 2022... we are being called forth to devote our time and energy into ways that will help us navigate the rough waters ahead.

Your return on investment will pay off 100 fold...

Devote the time into self care and self regulation techniques and you will feel the difference.